androidx sdk

  1. Rasoull

    Android Question de.amberhome.objects.appcompat.ACActionBar is defined multiple times

    hello, i have the Following Error when run my project And My Libraries is : Does anyone know which library has the problem? thank you.
  2. Marcos Alves

    Bug? B4A Gestures Lib doesn't work obfuscated

    Hello, I noticed that after obfuscation the gestures lib (1.20) doesn't work anymore and the gesture events aren't raised... (Android 9 / Android X SDK) Is there some alert about this? Did anybody got the same error?
  3. Cliff McKibbin

    Android Question Conversion to Androidx SDK

    The release notes on b4a 9.3 included a step to convert to Androidx SDK. Following the installation, the instructions read "bring up the b4a SDK Manager and then install the recommended items". I brought it up and there are no recommended items. I note that the entry text box for "SDK...