1. walterf25

    Java Question Help (SumUp SDK Library Wrapper)

    Hi All, i am working on wrapping a library for a client, the jar file and xml file compile just fine, i have copied both files to my /additionallibraries folder but when I run an example app to test the library i get the following errors: I have copied the merchan-sdk-3.2.2.aar file to the...
  2. mshafiee110

    Share My Creation XMLFilesToAndroidX

    XMLFilesToAndroidX is a tool for convert android xml layout files in a folder to androidx xml files.
  3. Multiverse app

    Android Question AHSwipeToRefresh Crash

    AHSwipeToRefresh crashes the app, this started after the AndroidX migration I believe. Logs: I have android-support-4.jar in Additional libs folder, and also ran Jetifier. I also have "Google repository" and "Android Support Repository" installed from the B4A SDK
  4. M

    Android Question CRASH using AppCompat object

    Hi everyone, i recently opened up a project that i stopped some time ago, before all the updates. In the project i used AppCompat Checkboxes and switches and as soon as the layout loads up the app crashes. I tried to remove the checkboxes, switches ans library, and it doens't crash anymore...
  5. R

    Android Question Problems after (failed?) update to AndroidX

    Using the latest B4A 9.3 and tried to update to AndroidX, following these instructions: Not sure it is relevant but had some access denied exceptions, eg: Library: AppCompat.arr java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Program Files...
  6. S

    Android Question External Library error after upgrade to AndroidX

    Hi just wanting to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to resolve the following issue. I have a external library that I have written a simple wrapper for Google MLKit for text recognition. It was working before installing Android sdk 28 so I suspect its a dependency issue that i...
  7. L

    Android Question Update to v9.3

    Good morning, After the update to the versione 9.3 I got this error while I compile my project about some imports in my inline Java codes. Organizzazione Librerie. (0.49s) (AndroidX SDK) Generazione file R. (24.98s) Compilazione del codice Java prodotto. Error javac 1.8.0_144...