1. A

    Android Question Error with using Androidx in api 19

    Hey guys, How to solve this problem? I have B4A 10.6 , AppCompatv4 , target api 29, javac 11 I have no problem with api 21+ , but in api17 and api19 program carshing with this error ** Activity (first) Create, isFirst = true ** Cannot get methods of class...
  2. maxh2815

    Java Question How do I use the androidx libraries?

    I'm trying to create a small library to do a wrap of the class. Where is the jar file I need to reference to include these androidx libraries? It doesn't appear to be included in the default android jar, and I cant find it anywhere in the android-sdk folder. Do I need...
  3. A

    Android Question Problem with

    Hello. Please help. When starting the project "MyLocation" ("Background location tracking") from Mr. Erel, a message appears: "Maven artifact not found:". It seems that I did everything strictly according to the instructions: 1. Installed B4A, version 10.2. 2...
  4. M

    Java Question Simple Library Compiler can't find AndroidX packages

    Hello, I'm trying to wrap a library, but when I try to compile it with Simple Library Compiler it says that it cant find the AndroidX packages that the library uses. However when I add let's say for example the androidx-core classes.jar to the libs folder it proceeds to the next package. The...
  5. sadeq.hitex

    Tool Hitex xHelper - Android package converter

    Hitex xHelper is a free simple tool to automatically convert old support to new androidx packages. you can convert and save easily by drag your xml or java files into the text area and drop it. for example if you type old support recyclerview package and click Convert To X , it changes to new...
  6. walterf25

    Java Question Help (SumUp SDK Library Wrapper)

    Hi All, i am working on wrapping a library for a client, the jar file and xml file compile just fine, i have copied both files to my /additionallibraries folder but when I run an example app to test the library i get the following errors: I have copied the merchan-sdk-3.2.2.aar file to the...
  7. mshafiee110

    Share My Creation XMLFilesToAndroidX

    XMLFilesToAndroidX is a tool for convert android xml layout files in a folder to androidx xml files.
  8. Multiverse app

    Android Question AHSwipeToRefresh Crash

    AHSwipeToRefresh crashes the app, this started after the AndroidX migration I believe. Logs: I have android-support-4.jar in Additional libs folder, and also ran Jetifier. I also have "Google repository" and "Android Support Repository" installed from the B4A SDK
  9. M

    Android Question CRASH using AppCompat object

    Hi everyone, i recently opened up a project that i stopped some time ago, before all the updates. In the project i used AppCompat Checkboxes and switches and as soon as the layout loads up the app crashes. I tried to remove the checkboxes, switches ans library, and it doens't crash anymore...
  10. R

    Android Question Problems after (failed?) update to AndroidX

    Using the latest B4A 9.3 and tried to update to AndroidX, following these instructions: Not sure it is relevant but had some access denied exceptions, eg: Library: AppCompat.arr java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: C:\Program Files...
  11. S

    Android Question External Library error after upgrade to AndroidX

    Hi just wanting to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to resolve the following issue. I have a external library that I have written a simple wrapper for Google MLKit for text recognition. It was working before installing Android sdk 28 so I suspect its a dependency issue that i...
  12. L

    Android Question Update to v9.3

    Good morning, After the update to the versione 9.3 I got this error while I compile my project about some imports in my inline Java codes. Organizzazione Librerie. (0.49s) (AndroidX SDK) Generazione file R. (24.98s) Compilazione del codice Java prodotto. Error javac 1.8.0_144...