app crash

  1. N

    Bug? app crashes on device without error message, debug filed to connect to app

    hello, recently i was requested by Google to update my old app.... since that already passed all compilation issues , firebase auth issues etc, but now stopped at point when my app is installed to device. app crashes immediately after run and debugger write me a message: [IDE message -...
  2. Claudio Oliveira

    B4J Question B4J app crash

    Hey guys! I'm facing a quite weird problem with a B4J app. Looks like it happens when I use FileChooser.ShowOpenMultiple(MainForm). Whenever I hit "Cancel" on the file chooser dialog, application crashes immediately. In debug mode, B4J IDE stays running as if the app was still open even though...
  3. Azam Memon

    Android Question NotificationListerner on Android 4

    Hi, I have an optional feature in my app to listen to Notifications, I have used NotificationListener for that, which should be enabled only on API >=19 by the user and this option won't appear on API < 19. But when I run my app on android 4 (API < 19), I am getting an error, which is same on...
  4. E

    Android Question App stopping on click

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. My app compiles just fine, but when I click on any button within it, it just stops and exits. P.S: The only code within the mentioned buttons is to change the text inside a label. As in: label.Text = "1"