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  1. D

    iOS Question How to get ApplicationLabel and Version at runtime?

    Hi all, Maybe I'm being slow, but I can't seem to find any way to get the app's name and version at runtime? I.e. the values of the Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel and #Version that are set in the Main module. In B4A I would do it by calling Application.LabelName and...
  2. A

    Android Question Name 2 apps so both are on the same device.

    I have tried ALL the suggestions on this forum but cannot get 2 versions of my app on the same device. I have tried changing the filename (CaravAndroid2019.b4a), changing #ApplicationLabel: CaravAndroid2019 and Activity.Title = “CaravAndroid2019” on one and changing all 2019 references to 2018...
  3. appie21

    iOS Question App name with spaces = appname without spaces

    I have upload my app to the app store it is called "Ado Fan Community" But the name of my app at the start screens shows the name without spaces (AdoFanCommunity) How Can I use spaces in my app name?