app signing

  1. R

    Android Question Google Play App Signing - A Definitive Guide

    I have updated several apps on the store recently but have not submitted a new app to the Google Store since long before the requirement for signed App Bundles was introduced. I have been using the same .keystore since 2014 so I am well behind the times. When the requirement came in a couple...
  2. mcqueccu

    Android Question Do we need to create New keystore for google app signing (app bundle)

    I have one Keystore file created with the IDE since 2016 which I used for all my applications. In preparation to optin in to google app signing and to test the app bundle for NEW APP, I tried some things but it giving me error and headache. 1. The Problem Using pepk.jar with my existing...
  3. mcorbeel

    Android Question Troubles uploading APK with Play App Signing

    Since I replaced my computer I am not able to upload an APK to the Google app store. I read this article: and it starts by saying that I must upload my original key to Google and that "The encryption key should be replaced...