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    iOS Question ITMS-91053: Missing API declaration

    Hi all. Today I uploaded my app and received this email. It looks like this isi something new. My app is using a document picker.
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    iOS Question ITMS-90000: This bundle is invalid - $message.

    Apple Test Flight and App Store Connect went down for more than 24 hours. So if you tried to upload your app and got this message - relax and wait until Apple will fix it. The whole world is waiting.
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    iOS Question Just uploaded my first app into the AppStore.

    Just uploaded my first app into the AppStore. The only problem I had is icon. I didn't know that App Store doesn't accept transparent icons. After I foxed it - it was uploaded without any problem I used B4I Upload Apps to iTunes Connect. As a manual I used this Dummies Guide to Getting Started...
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    iOS Question App Store Contact Question

    Hi all and Merry XMass:) I'm creating a record in App Store for my app and now I have a problem. My app requires username and password to login. All the users already registered with a company web site and all of them have their accounts - this is home attendants visit verification app. The...
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    iOS Question App store rejected for: Minimum Functionality

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to publish my app, but it was rejected for the following reason: ------------------------------------ Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality We noticed that your app only includes links, images, or content aggregated from the Internet with limited or no native...
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    iOS Question How to complete the app store publishing?

    Hi Everybody after upload my first app (without error) using itunes connect service of B4i I go on the apple store connect page to fill all the required info along with the privacy policy link now mandatory required. I put all the screenshots, description & references as request. But, everytime...