1. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question CSBuilder getting '<b4icsbuilder ' when appending images

    Hello Everyone, Maybe this is a silly question, I'm new in B4i and i'm translating a long project from B4A to B4i, I'm debuging on an iPhone and i'm getting weird codes when trying to append a single image to a csBuilder and showing it in a label object I'm using this post information...
  2. Kiffi

    B4J Question [BANano] (Render)Append returns the wrong BANanoElement?

    Hello, i'm not sure if this is a bug: Dim myBANanoElement As BANanoElement myBANanoElement = BANano.GetElement("body") Log(myBANanoElement) ' -> body-Element (correct) myBANanoElement = BANano.GetElement("body").Append($"<div></div>"$) Log(myBANanoElement) ' -> also body-Element...