1. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Create Your own store app within app (WIX Alternative)

    Finally the day has come, After so much work and so many hours spent we have more than happy to announce the launch of the app. Watch the Video Demo to understand it better : Video Demo "" The App that was built in the demo : The...
  2. Luca Tonelli

    Android Question Webservices and datatable

    Hello I need to read the response of a webservices that provides data in a datatable The webservices is called correctly but I do not know how to read the data contained in the datatable.
  3. C

    iOS Question Posting a login request to ASP.Net Web API

    I am stuck on a login request to web API. So the process is simple I have to send “username”, “password” and “grant_type” to the server along with the two headers “Accept” and “Content-Type”. If the user is valid my app will receive the following response from the server: { "access_token"...