1. XbNnX_507

    B4J Library BackgroundWorkerClass

    Hello EveryOne, This is the BackgroundWorker but without all the bells and whistles of JServer. 🤙
  2. M

    Android Question Native Input Dialogs Android (No B4XDialogs)

    Hi everyone, how can implement the native input dialogs of Android in my app? i found this code here, but i don't know how to convert it: private void showForgotDialog(Context c) { final EditText taskEditText = new EditText(c); AlertDialog dialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(c)...
  3. Dave O

    Android Question [solved] crash during Pause (show > showAsync)

    Short version: If you're getting crashes when you have dialogs open (e.g. msgbox, fileDialog, inputDialog, etc.) from the various versions of the Dialogs libraries, you can fix most/all of them by switching from the traditional Show method to ShowAsync. This has been posted in various forms...
  4. C

    Android Question Persistent MsgBox2Async

    I've just converted an application using MsgBox2 to MsgBox2Async, to prevent the user pressing outside the dialog and having it cancel. Another problem a user noted was that if the machine goes to sleep with a dialog on the screen, when it awakes, the dialog disappears, I presume the...
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] xCustomListView load images async

    Hello, usually I use the Ultimate Listview from @Informatix for that, but in this case i develop cross plattform. In the ULV is there a fucntion called "SetLoadImageCallbacks" with this function it is possible to load images asynchron. And whenever the function was called, I downloaded the...