1. C

    Wish Autocomplete Event names with Wait For

    Hi, I had a bad time searching for a bug where the program logic hung. It turned out I wrote Wait For Msgbox_Respond (...) instead of Wait For Msgbox_Result (...) Same problem when I used Wait For JobComplete ... instead of Wait For JobDone ... The problem is that neither the IDE nor the...
  2. German Buchmuller

    Android Question Autocomplete fields of other Apps in the device

    Hi, I was wondering if I could have an app that stores all passwords for all apps on the phone, and when the user opens these apps, their fields are autocompleted. For example, the user opens Instagram and the username and password autocomplete as he has previously saved these fields in our App...
  3. A

    B4J Question About properties get & set.

    Hi to everyone. I have a class with two private strings declared in Class_Globals. Private ExportFolder As String Private FtpExportFolder As String Now I want to declare setters for those properties. This is what I do: public Sub setExportFolder(Value As String) ExportFolder = Value End Sub...
  4. M

    Android Question Make not visible Place Autocomplete View

    Hi, everyone, im trying to use the Place Autocomplete View from Erel. I have the necessity to hide (or show) the view as i want by code, but the command: PlaceAutocompleteView.Visible = False doesn't exist... how can i solve this?
  5. Patent

    B4J Question HTML and JS for dynamic autocomplete datalist ???

    Dear Community, i am messing with a small app, which should do a youtube-like (or other web-searches) search box. See my try. I am endig up at 95%. :mad: Maybe a JS Expert could give an advice. What is missing: I got the JSON String from the YT Server and get them also on the B4J side (do a...
  6. Joan Paz

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] ousEvUnexpected event (missing RaiseSynchronents): abmcomp_build

    Hello Everyone! I'm creating a new ABM Component (ABMaterial Custom Component) with select2.js, it works fine, but sometimes when i refresh the browser (F5), i get the error "Unexpected event (missing RaiseSynchronousEvents): abmcomp_build". If somebody know the reason, i will apreciate the...
  7. K

    Android Question http getstring in autocomplete setitems

    I got http.getstring == [{"place_return":",'','a place','b place','c place'"}] like this and i have to insert it into autocomplete.setitem() I tried like this :: Dim p As JSONParser p.Initialize(Job.GetString) Dim list1 As List list1 =...
  8. Mashiane

    B4J Question [ABMaterial]: How to set Text from AutoComplete id value?

    Ola ABM 4 came up with an option to add autocomplete as if one uses ABMCombo.. Dim inp1 As ABMInput inp1.Initialize(page, "inp1", ABM.INPUT_TEXT, "First Name", False, "inputauto") inp1.AutoCompleteType = ABM.AUTOCOMPLETE_STARTS inp1.AutoCompleteOpenOnFocus = True ' NEW inp1.ReadOnly = True '...
  9. LWGShane

    Wish Autocomplete: Complete the ending ")"

    Another small addition that would slightly increase productivity would be to have the IDE's autocomplete finish parentheses. Ex: When you type a "(", other code editors automatically insert the trailing ")".
  10. LucaMs

    B4A Library [Custom View] SuggestionsEditText

    I needed an EditText like SearchView but without the list shown (without ListView), to use it on a smartphone in landscape mode (you know, in this situation the keyboard takes up almost the available space). This view uses a SQLite DB to store the words and to retrieve them typing the first...