avd manager

  1. J

    Android Question Start of an AVD gives Apache error

    I have an AVD already created. When I start it in AVD Manager, after a delay it displays an Error window with an Apache error message. Screenshots attached.
  2. Randy Younger

    Android Question [INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE] in Emulator

    In the new AVD manager, is there any way to increase the storage for the emulator device? I hate having to uninstall my app each time. I don't think there is enough room for both my app and the .apk file, so that updates can't occur with the limited storage the emulator devices have. Yes, I...
  3. Jack Cole

    Android Question Can't create Wear AVD

    I've been trying to create a Wear AVD without luck. I first tried to create one for Platform 28. I got an error message that I needed the 64 bit version for API 28+. I couldn't see that available for download in the SDK manager. Then I downloaded the Platform 26 version of Android Wear with...
  4. J

    Android Question Newer AVD Manager

    I have historically built/tested on Physical devices, and initially set-up my dev box a few years back. As such,I appear to be using an old AVD. I have gone into SDK Manager, and updated everything, however, I still appear to be running an old version. My Version: What I have seen on the...