1. Pablo Torres

    B4J Question Problem with jOKHttpUtils2 3.0

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to disturb but I have an Issue that I'm not able to fix by myself, so I ask for anyone who has the knowledge to point me in the right address I'm currently working with AWS Lambda functions, I have sucked on connecting to a Aurora Serverless BD with these functions and...
  2. G

    Android Question B4A & AWS MQTT Connection (IOT)

    Hello everyone! I must make an app (to be more specific 2 apps Android & IOS). I want to connect with AWS MQTT Broker, via MQTT protocol. I made a lot of tries to achieve a connection (first of all, and then publish-subscribe to a topic), with no success. Is there someone, who has used AWS, to...
  3. mmieher

    Android Question AWS DynamoDB Hash Confusion

    Based on this model: Thanks, @JackKirk ! I have been trying for days to get the AWS API Gateway to work. I am apparently not constructing the request correctly, because I get this response after...
  4. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Websocket connection to MQTT based API

    I am trying to connect to a data streaming API and below is an extract from the API documentation (in red italics). Connection to the message broker is made using a Websocket connection and the message broker makes use of the MQTT protocol. So my initial obstacle is that I understand that...
  5. M

    FreeRTOS - the small OS for ESP32 and ESP8266

    Having been away from micro-controllers for much of the year (my have things changed!), I will admit that I was puzzled by references to FreeRTOS and ESP32. I never payed much attention to it as when you compile a sketch in Arduino or a B4R program - *it just works*. I originally got started...
  6. Manrique Suarez

    Spanish Conexión PHP, MySql, AWS, Google Cloud y otros hosting

    Hola a todos, espero se encuentre bien. Quisiera solicitar colaboración para lo siguiente. Estoy trabajando en B4A V7 y funciona muy bien, trabajando con base de datos de mysql a través del PHP en hosting de godaddy. Por otro lado, el caso es que, en hosting diferentes, como el AWS y el de...