b4a 11.20

  1. J

    Android Question Variable ProgressBarDownload is not initialized

    I'm getting a "Variable ProgressBarDownload is not initialized Warning #11" on the "Private ProgressBarDownload As B4XView" line below: Sub Class_Globals Private Root As B4XView 'ignore Private xui As XUI Private Title As String ="HTTPS" Private ProgressBarDownload As B4XView...
  2. J

    Android Question My phone's Variants in Visual Designer

    Currently, I'm only interested in developing for Android. I'm converting old apps developed with B4A to B4XPages. I'm developing a new apps with B4XPages. All being done with B4A 11.20. My phone's specification is 720 pixels wide by 1560 pixels height. It has 320 dpi i.e. scale=2. I have...
  3. J

    Android Question Go to a Web Site

    Is there a way in B4A for the user to be taken to a web site address (e.g. https://jessicaroseartist.co.uk/ in their Internet Browser (e.g. Chrome)? I feel that the answer should be obvious. I've seen code for downloading files from a web site, but what I want should be much simpler than that...
  4. J

    Android Question B4XPages project does not change button properties

    I have a B4XPages project and am using B4A v11.20 on it. The app runs Ok on a phone except for one point. The app has a DetailsPage called by the MainPage on clicking its Start button ('defined' in the page's main.bal file. The DetailsPage has an imageview ('defined' in its details.bal file)...
  5. J

    Android Question How to write to External Storage folder Download folder

    This concerns writing to my phone's External Storage Download folder using B4XPages . I've seen old threads at https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/runtime-permissions-android-6-0-permissions.67689/page-3#posts and...
  6. Richard Phipps

    Android Question Compiling Error

    Can anyone please explain what I need to do here? Havn't used B4a for a while and want to improve an app. And have moved folders around in the past. It won't compile to phone. This error occurs. B4A Version: 11.20 Parsing code. (0.20s) Java Version: 9 Building folders structure...
  7. J

    Android Question Compile Error on SetTitle

    I want to set the title in the B4XMainPage module. I get a syntax compile error with this code in 'Sub B4XPage_Created': B4XPages.SetTitle(Me, "Test”) What should this code be?
  8. J

    Android Question Simple progress on http download

    I asked this question on B4J by accident. It referred to Line 10 in code (from Feb 2, 2021 post of https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/simple-progress-http-download.127214/#post-796463) when compiling gives "Unknown member: taskidtojob" error: Dim TaskToJob As Map =...
  9. Mattiaf

    Android Question How to make the app working in background?

    Hi, today it's my first day in b4x ecosystem and since I know a bit of vb.net, it has been quite exciting to discover. So, I'm working for a personal utility which parse a crypto price from an exchange price. Thanks to all the topics I've been able to code this and run it correctly on my samsung...