b4a 11.80

  1. A

    Android Question Two versions of B4A

    Hi all. Is it possible to have two versions of B4A - 11.80 and 12.0? I'm using Android 10 phone LGE LM-Q 720 phone. My app (Default) works fine if it's compiled in 11.80 but behaves strangely after I compiled it 12.0. No crash, no errors. For example - on Activity the user selects a line...
  2. M

    Bug? Installing B4A 11.8: two undesired effects when installed

    Hello to Anywhere Software After installing B4A 11.8 I experienced the following two undesired effects: 1) When right clicking on the b4a 11.5 icon on the Taskbar, the list with recent items appears but the following message appears: "The item that you selected is unavailable. It...
  3. S

    Android Question How to catch Exoplayer buttons to be able to pause a player when another starts

    Hello, how do I catch the clickitems of the Exoplayer when it's placed on the clv? It seems the player buttons are not catched. What I want is that other players stop when a player is started, now they just play thru each other. I also tried the expandable_clv in another project and with that...
  4. S

    Android Question how to get unique exoplayer for each instance

    Hello, this script puts an image and a player for each music track available in a chosen album. Up front I don't know exactly how many tracks there are. I had a same structure with the expandable clv tested, but for that I knew how much tracks there where so that was easier. So this one...
  5. S

    Android Question App works ok on Android 9, crashes on Android 11 and 12 while scrolling

    Hello, an app where I'm working on runs ok on Android 9, but crashes on Android 11 and 12 emulators (10 I could not test). This happens while scrolling down to the last loaded image, and when reached it crashes (but not on Android 9). An no error is given in the filtered logs. I'm not...
  6. james_sgp

    Android Question B4A 11.80 Stability problems

    Hi, I`m having problems since installing B4A 11.80 this morning. The IDE keeps freezing every now and then, doing anything Windows will ask if i want to 'Wait or Close' the program. And now another problem, suddenly I can`t compile my app (which I have been doing earlier this afternoon), i'm...