b4a 8.0

  1. rezaghasmi

    Android Question How to set the color of the bar with the environment

    Hello friends How can I adjust the top color of the screen with the color of the environment
  2. rezaghasmi

    Android Question Advanced test

    Hi🖐️😊 How do I make an optional four-choice vacancy test in an advanced test? Is there a library? I am a newcomer, please help me😅🥴
  3. Richard Goh

    Android Question How To Set and Reset Button Background SatelistDrawable Colors

    Hi I have 3 buttons which have set the background color setting in form designer. What I want to know is how can I set only button background color when the button is clicked without affecting others setting like alpha level, corner radius, border width, border color, and etc. for that button...
  4. F

    Android Question How to detect the phone number using B4A

    Hi, Is there a way to capture the phone number of the device running the
  5. E

    Android Question Background colour / Theme

    I have making an app which based on minsdkversion=5 and targetsdkversion19. It background is black and I am staisfied with it. When I publish it to play store...it refuse to publish..says targetsdk=26 required. So I upgrade both b4a to 8.0 and set targetsdk to 26. Everything is...
  6. Richard Goh

    Android Question Google Maps Example Works On Debug But Crashed On Direct Run

    Hi, I have a very weird behavior on this Google Maps example program https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/google-maps-with-fusedlocationprovider.83876/. This example is working in debugging mode with stepping through the code. But it's will crash when I direct run without step into the...
  7. I

    Android Question Does B4A 8.0 add a persistent notification icon for services?

    I have a service with the following attributes #StartAtBoot: True #StartCommandReturnValue: android.app.Service.START_STICKY The project <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" android:targetSdkVersion="21"/>. It is compiled with android-26/android.jar. I developed this app on B4A 7.30 and...
  8. U

    Android Question Error in use of SlidingMenuWrapper (In <declare-styleable> FontFamilyFont, unable to find attribute

    If I use SlidingMenuWrapper library in my project. It gives me this error- B4A Version: 8.00 Parsing code. (0.00s) Compiling code. (0.33s) Compiling layouts code. (0.02s) Organizing libraries. (0.00s) Generating R file. Error ERROR: In <declare-styleable> FontFamilyFont, unable to...
  9. L

    Android Question How to create a 2 line chart

    Hello, I would like help to be able to create a graph of 2 lines for my app, the graph data will be taken from MySQL Can someone help me with this question? Thank you very much.
  10. T

    Bug? NumberFormat2 does not take into account locale in B4A 8.0

    Hi, after upgrade to B4A 8.0, NumberFormat2 doesn't take into account locale number format. Dim joBA As JavaObject joBA.InitializeStatic("anywheresoftware.b4a.BA") Dim joNF As JavaObject joNF.InitializeStatic("java.text.NumberFormat") Dim ref As Reflector ref.Target =...