b4a 9

  1. CosmicFlux

    Android Noob

    Hi Community, As someone who codes day-to-day at work in languages like C, C++, Python, PHP and JavaScript, I've always avoided developing for mobile - mainly due to my absolute disdain for Java, and to a lesser extent Kotlin. Having tried Android Studio - which is an absolute nightmare to get...
  2. CosmicFlux

    Android Question SOLVED: C modf Equivalent in B4A?

    Hi, Is there a function that splits a Float into its integral and fractional parts? I've looked around, and the solutions I've come across seem to involve converting to strings, then pulling out the fractional as an index? Seems a bit clunky. Is there a better way? For context, I have a C++...
  3. E

    Android Question Firebase push notifications not working on B4A 9.01.2 ?

    I get this error message when i run my firebase related app. Any help?? Logger connected to: Infinix Infinix-X600 --------- beginning of main *** Service (starter) Create *** ** Service (starter) Start ** ** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true ** ** Activity (main) Resume ** *** Service...