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    B4R Question B4RSerializator and .Net

    i want to get data from ASP.NET with B4RSerializator but i can't download the "B4A Library [B4X] .Net Framework implementation of B4XSerializator" in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-net-framework-implementation-of-b4xserializator.73080/ the error is: If you are trying to download...
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    B4R Question Out of bound error MQTT Payload ConvertBytesToArray

    Hello all, In experimenting with MQTT, B4R- and B4Xserializator I encountered a problem with the ConvertBytesToArray member. I send the type mb from B4A to NodeMCu B4R. B4A side : Sub Proces Globals ... Dim Ser as B4xSerializator Type MyButton(Which As String, State As String) ... End Sub ...