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  1. P

    Android Question Help converting code to B4xPages

    Greetings Everyone, I am trying to get familiar with b4xpages. I have read and watched some tutorials but i still need a little push. I have this old app which i'm trying to convert to b4xpages. Once i get how to start, i will be able to continue. This is how i implemented it, I used a...
  2. J

    Android Question B4XNavBar

    I've been trying to find the B4XPagesNavBar project without success. I've used [B4X] [B4XPages] as a search term in the overall Tutorials web page as stated in the B4X booklet but that gives many projects. And I haven't found a suitable search mechanism to find B4XPagesNavBar: I've tried terms...
  3. J

    Android Question How to refer to many variables in B4XMainPage from other pages

    In https://www.b4x.com/guides/B4XPagesCrossPlatformProjects/?page=23 it states that you can refer to Public variables in another module by use of code: Public Page2 As B4XPage2 = B4XPages.GetPage("Page 2") Page2.lblTest.Text = "Page 3 was displayed." I would like to do this to refer to a number...
  4. mmieher

    Android Question Google oAuth2 B4xPages CallFromResume

    How does one do this from a B4XPages project without cluttering up the Main module (which we are not supposed to do): oauth2.CallFromResume(Activity.GetStartingIntent) oAuth2 is initialized/used in a B4XPage. Marc
  5. james_sgp

    Android Question Minisearchview on xCLV, getting text

    I`m using the Minisearchview on a 'card' in a xCLV for input, but I can`t get its contents using pp.getview(x).xxxx? If I try getview(x).textfield.text i get error "Uknonwn member: textfield". Welcoming any suggestions...thanks
  6. MList

    Android Question B4X Pages

    Hi, I want to have the same Buttons and Labels on different B4XPages... Lets say Button1, Button2, Button3 on every Page. I would like to generate them in pgm, i would like to declare them just once and have the Events like Button1_clicked just once... How can I do that ?? Or do I really have...