1. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] Add text in Signature Template

    Hello! I'm using this for signing and works perfect BUT I want to add a text to the sign (like the .AddDateAndTime) Sub Signature1Button_Click Dialog.ButtonsFont = XUI.CreateFontAwesome(20) 'This doesn't work but it's what I'd want to do 'SignatureTemplate.mBase.Text="Add this...
  2. palpedrinha

    iOS Question B4XDialog / B4XDialoSignatureTemplate change Size Width+Height

    Hi All, I'm using the B4XDialog and B4XDialoSignatureTemplate with iphone and everything is ok. Now I'm moving some APPs to work with iPad and I got a problem! Well ... is not really a problem like a bug or a crash. It's a visual problem! The iPad screen is bigger than an iPhone screen and...