1. R

    B4A Class B4XEval class (modified by RB Smissaert)

    Posted this in the questions group, slightly altered this class (posted originally by Erel) so that it will handle any (?) faulty input string and not produce an unhandled error. Requested to put this in this group and attached a simple B4XPages project demonstrating this. Posted by zipping the...
  2. R

    Android Question Unhandled error B4XEval

    Just trying this out: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-eval-expressions-evaluator.54629/ And trying to make it so that it will handle any expression, so also faulty expressions. For now I am just testing with this simple but faulty expression: 6/2(2+1) Added lots of Try Catch and...
  3. J

    B4J Question error with small numbers using b4xeval

    When the numbers are smaller than 3 decimal places in parenthesis b4xeval appears to treat it as a string instead of a number causing it to error. Any ideas? Dim e As B4XEval e.Initialize(Me, "Eval") Log((.03+.02)/2) Log(e.Eval("(.03+.02)/2")) Log((.003+.002)/2)...
  4. William Lancee

    Share My Creation Number Cruncher and Statistical Package Integrator

    The principle behind this app is that "time is money". I have worked most of my life as a research scientist and consultant, and I can say that I have wasted a huge amount of time ($) because of poor software and data management tools. It is not so much that the tools don't work, they do...