1. J

    B4J Question error with small numbers using b4xeval

    When the numbers are smaller than 3 decimal places in parenthesis b4xeval appears to treat it as a string instead of a number causing it to error. Any ideas? Dim e As B4XEval e.Initialize(Me, "Eval") Log((.03+.02)/2) Log(e.Eval("(.03+.02)/2")) Log((.003+.002)/2)...
  2. William Lancee

    Share My Creation Number Cruncher and Statistical Package Integrator

    The principle behind this app is that "time is money". I have worked most of my life as a research scientist and consultant, and I can say that I have wasted a huge amount of time ($) because of poor software and data management tools. It is not so much that the tools don't work, they do...