1. LucaMs

    Android Question [B4X] B4XCollections: B4XSet, B4XOrderedMap

    B4XSet I was wondering what the differences were between B4XSet and List (and therefore the advantage of using B4XSet). I understand that the main difference is that in B4XSet you can't have duplicates, right? But List has a few more methods. B4XOrderedMap It would be useful to have a...
  2. DroidLyon

    Android Question B4XOrderedMap / Map - putting a type object problem

    Hi people I've used the map collection storing "Type Object" values many times without issue and then hit a problem yesterday trying to store(put) a Type object into a B4XOrderedMap. It also fails with a standard Map... Hence I suspect a dumbass programming error :confused: So I declare a type...