1. M

    iOS Question iMQTT - Error decompressing data

    Hi everyone i'm trying to use MQTT for the first time. I follwed this example. It connects succesfully but unfortuntely when I receive a message this error shows up Error occurred on line: 96 (B4XPage_Details) Error decompressing data Stack Trace: ( CoreFoundation...
  2. Martin Larsen

    B4R Question Deep sleep with AsyncStreams + B4XSerializator

    I am working on a remote thermometer for my greenhouse using an ESP8266-01 and DHT11. Currently I am using AsyncStreams + B4XSerializator which is simple to work with and works well. Now I want to put the ESP8266 in deep sleep mode so save battery and only wake up every 5 minutes or so. But...
  3. jahswant

    Android Question Cannot serialize Object.

    I’m getting this error with b4xSerializator for a particular object i wrapped from java. Don’t know why ! Cannot serialize objet : com.fgtit.app.UserItem@aecf7a0
  4. Andris

    iOS Question Can save external file but can't get data

    I've been able to successfully do all the steps needed to access external files like CSV as well as my own custom extension types. All end up triggering Application_OpenUrl as they should, and I can successfully extract the file name. But for some reason, the byte length of Data ends up as 9 no...