1. NFOBoy

    Getting back into app development, and this %#$! is real, and I need help.

    Alright, This will be a long post with some questions on how to proceed, such that I can get myself up to speed to develop A/I/J applications. It has been a while since I have developed applications, and even longer since I used B4A for development. My current concern is making progress...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano]: [SOLVED] Using MySQL / MSSQL with PHP

    Hi there Update: April 8, 2019 Solution [BANAno] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 1 [BANano] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 2 I have an issue that I need to address. I have a backend that I need to speak to from my BANano App, this could either be MySQL or either MSSQL (no decision as yet). I guess...