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  1. A

    Android Question Automatic launch of MyLocation after reboot.

    Is it possible for an application like MyLocation to automatically continue running after the device is rebooted? For testing, we will add a timer to the Starter service module. We are not changing anything else in MyLocation! Sub Process_Globals Private Timer_Starter As Timer Dim Bp...
  2. A

    Italian Impostare la sveglia tramite la mia app

    Salve a tutti. Vorrei fare un alert (notifca) che mi avvisi ogni tot minuti. Ho fatto delle ricerche, ma ho difficoltà a far funzionare dei servizi in background, nn c'ho capito molto in realtà. In ogni caso se qualcuno, cmq, potesse incollarmi un piccolo codice magari ci smanetto un po'...
  3. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] Handle page-indipendent function in Main (Pause, Resume, ...)

    Hi everyone, i need to put some code in the Main Activity with B4XPages because i need to handle the _Pause event, _Resume event, etc... and do things that are not page related (reason why i don't need those events in a particular B4Xpage). Similiar to what happends in iOS in the Main with...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Timer is paused randomly when phone is not connected to our computer to display the logs

    Greetings, Can you look at this small linked B4A project? It's a simple project that has a ticking timer that ticks in the background once every second. This works only when the phone is connected to my computer and I watch the logs so the ticks in B4A with or without the phones screen turned...
  5. A

    Android Question How to solve a problem?

    My app HHA-EVV does clock in and clock out for a home care agent. On clock in / clock out the app sends location and timestamp back to the server. If there is no Internet the data stored in the database. The next time user starts the app right after login the app collects the all unsent info and...