1. G

    Share My Creation SQI Test and Report (Early Access)

    SQI Test and Report (Early Access) Uploaded on Google Play as Open Testing. Few words on the app: - Designed specifically for Steam Quality Testing. - B4XPages based. Some pages using Landscape orientation and so they are separate activities. - Collect and manage steam testing results. - input...
  2. P

    Android Question problem with BLE, beacons, and reading the advertisement package

    I am trying to connect to an iBeacon via the app and I am using the trial version of b4a. my problems are as follows: 1. The BeaconParser function is unavailable and the readRemoteRssi function is causing an error message = Cannot assign void value. 2. My BleManager2_object.Scan2(Null,True) is...
  3. Rick in North Carolina

    Android Question Ble2Peripheral - default TX power and advertising interval for peripheral?

    Hi Erel, This library is great for a project I am doing. 2 questions related to peripheral mode: is the default TxPower at maximum? is the advertising interval at 100msec? If not, could these parameters be added to the library? (from Beacon Builder docs - setTxPower(int txPower) ) Thanks, Rick
  4. Star-Dust

    B4A Library SD: BT Printer Bluetooth

    ANNOUNCEMENT Starting today, this library will be abandoned and will no longer be distributed. A new, more comprehensive Android library for ESC/POS thermal printers will be released. (BT, BLE, LAN, USB) (here) (No WRAP, No Java Only B4A) BT_Printer library allows you to print text and...