1. M

    Android Question XSpeechRecognizer annoying beep sounds - help 🙏

    Hi everyone. I made an app using XSpeechRecognizer made by @Multiverse app There is very annoying problem going on :(, even with the given example: When the recognizer is listening it is continuosly playing some "beep" sounds, that are very annoying (because when it start listening you are...
  2. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library BeeperDeLuxe

    Version: 1.0 ------------------------ BeeperDeLuxe is a B4A Lib. Features: sound a beep tone vibrate the phone sound and vibrate sound intermitting alarmtone Properties: DurationMillisecond: the duration of the sound, vibration or alarm. To use you need to implement libs as followes: core...
  3. aeric

    iOS Code Snippet Play Beep Sound

    Sub PlayBeep Dim NativeMe As NativeObject = Me NativeMe.RunMethod("beep", Null) End Sub #If ObjC #import <AVFoundation/AVAudioPlayer.h> - (void) beep { AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(1302); } #End If You can change the value of 1302 above to other sound ID. List of SystemSoundIDs...

    Android Question Beeper stop working

    Hi guys, I saw many different thereads on this issue hete. Some of them are very aged now. I tried a few of them with no visible effect. After a few times beeper working, it just stops playing sounds. See what I already did: Used two...