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  1. J

    Android Question B4x Best Practice for downloading and parsing Objects

    This is a generic question about the responsibility of a class in downloading and parsing it's own members and if this is considered good practice. I have a now large program that downloads multiple objects from the internet and saves them into lists I am trying to keep my main class as "clean"...
  2. Jorge M A

    Android Question [Answered] What Is Best Practice to Get SDK Number?

    Hello Everyone! What is the best practice to get SDK number, considering permissions, library size, performance, etc.? Reflector or Phone? Sub SDKVersion As Int Dim r As Reflector Dim ver As Int ver = r.GetStaticField("android.os.Build$VERSION", "SDK_INT") Return ver End Sub...
  3. Sandman

    iOS Question Best practice when "pausing" geofences?

    Let's say I have defined ten geofences in my app, and all is working fine. Now the user wants to pause the detection for a period, lets say 24 hours. What is the best practice to "pause" the fences, and make sure they "activate" again in 24 hours? I've managed to find two strategies, but I'm...