1. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] PostString and PostBytes don't return the "+" sending Blob

    Hi. Sorry for my english I'm trying to send a Blob to MySQL, and StringUtils.EncodeBase64(The_Blob) retruns a string with lots of "+", for then sending that to the PHP method and use base64_decode() and do an SQL Insert... Of course it's not working beacuase the lost "+" Dim cadena As String...
  2. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Put SQLite BLOB into MySQL BLOB using PHP

    I have an app that stores an image in a SQLite BLOB and happily retrieves and displays it in a form. However I need to push that up to a PHP Webserver and store it in the corresponding MySQL BLOB field. Do I have to retrieve the BLOB, store it locally as a file then Post it to the Server for...
  3. G

    Android Question Working with BLOBs and images

    Could someone please point me in the direction of examples for the following scenario. I need to take pictures with the android camera (using cameraex class I need to save these in a local SQLLIte db in a BLOB field I then need to send these records to a remote MYSQL database using JdbSQL I...
  4. sentechnologies

    Android Question How to play blob stream url in exoplayer?

    anyone help me to play this url in exoplayer blob:
  5. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question How to put bitmap object into imageview

    I am successfully putting image files into an Sqlite blob, then later reading them from the blob field, however I end up with them in a bitmap object which I then have to put into an imageview. I can see the activity background image, so I k ow I have the blob as an image object, I just need to...
  6. uniplan

    Android Question Strange CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException

    I have a strange problem (only on any smartphone) when i try to get value from resultset when inside result set i keep the blob column. android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index -1 requested, with a size of 1 at this point dim value as string = rst.GetString2(0) or for blob Dim...
  7. N

    Android Question SQL error writing blob

    I have a long running app that I have updated over the years as things have changed but this error causes my sql_lite database to die and become corrupt. Basically failing when it updates a blob field in a SQL database file under Android 8.1 (Oreo) on Samsung tablets. Its not random and happens...
  8. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] jRDC & sqlite image blob retrieval and display in imageview

    SOLVED: B4A project using jRDC on local and remote servers just fine however I can't nut out how to successfully convert a retrieved blob from sqLite db and display image in an imageview. the update/insert side is this: Dim req as dbRequestManager Dim sSQL() As String Dim Buffer() As Byte...