1. D

    Android Question Clastic Bluetooth requesting device location

    Hi All With reference to the HC-05-classic-bluetooth I used this example as a base to my application. I noticed that the application wants a permission to access the device location. Sub btnConnect_Click...
  2. M

    iOS Question Get list of connected bluetooth devices

    Hi everyone, I'm just sketching ideas for an app, and before I start doing practical things I want to be sure that what I'm thinking is possibile to do. The question is: It's possibile to retrive a list of the currently connected bluetooth devices to my phone? Example: My iPhone can be...
  3. bahram1992

    Android Question Problem in Recieve Data from Bluetooth ESP32 in B4A

    Hi, im using a ESP32 Bluetooth to send a number. i use bluetooth serial in esp32 arduino to send number. I can received this number in serial bluetooth terminal app in my phone. I need just receive and show this number in android phone. Time between send number is minimum 2 seconds but its...
  4. Y

    Android Question bluetooth and microcontroller (STM32)

    Situation - existing microcontroller with bluetooth interface and running program - running Windows program for communication with the microcontroller (in over 100 versions in productive use), as reference - must transfer the Windows program to an Android tablet So far - basics for B4A - study...
  5. Y

    German Fragen zur Verbindung Mikrokontroller (STM32) über Bluetooth

    Situation - vorhandener Mikrokontroller mit Bluetooth und Programm - laufendes Windowsprogramm für die Kommunikation mit dem Mikrokontroller (in über 100 Ausführungen im produktiven Einsatz) - Übertragung des Windowsprogramms auf ein Android Tablet Bisher - Grundlagen für B4A - Studium...
  6. M

    Android Question Very strange SLOWNESS in BLE writeData

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to send a 900KB file to an ESP32 via BLE. Assume that the code on the ESP32 is working because i tested it using a React WebApp running in the PC browser, that connects to it over BLE and send the files. Everything works fine. However... i managed to port the same...