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  1. L

    Android Question How to get information via BLE2

    I managed to implement the functions necessary for detecting bluetooth devices. now that my connection is successful, I'd like to understand how I can get the information I need to be sent. In my case, I should convert this JS function: function RequestAudit() { Help("Caratteristica audit...
  2. L

    Android Question Bluetooth List Implementation

    Is there any way to replicate this function in b4a? it's a simple function that allows me to start a scan of available bluetooth devices function Scan() { $("#out").html(""); $(".mybutton").addClass("hide"); $("#scan").addClass("hide"); $("#refresh").removeClass("hide")...
  3. GMan

    Android Question B4A: How many BlueTooth devices can i connect to my App at the same time ?

    I wrote software in B4J with which i can connect to 3 BT-modules (HC-05) simultanously (one after the other) and can control these 3 with this one proggy. Is this in B4A also possible and if, how ?
  4. G

    Android Question BLE Central example does not run

    Hi, no success with my Xiaomi Band 6, working well with the app MiFit. The log, I do not know what else I can send to facilitate the analysis: Logger verbunden mit: samsung SM-A725F --------- beginning of crash --------- beginning of main --------- beginning of system *** Service (starter)...
  5. R

    Android Question HC-06 Bluetooth Async Buffer

    Hello Erel I have a WIT-motion device which give Roll/Pitch/Yaw data via bluetooth HC-06. 11 bytes, start with 0X55 with second byte as data type 0x53 is RPY. Byte 11 is CRC. This is not Prefix mode so I have used a ring buffer to find the data block. This code working but seems very slow...
  6. A

    Android Question Bluetooth scan only devices that have the same app

    Hello, I used Erel's example in Android Bluetooth / BluetoothAdmin Tutorial post: Does anybody know if there is a way (in Erel's chat example) to search only for devices that have the same app (Erel's...
  7. H

    Android Question Device unavailable in Android Bluetooth / BluetoothAdmin Tutorial

    I am running the example for Bluetooth connectivity between two android devices: First I compiled program on my primary phone (ZTE Z981) and communicated with my PC (via its Bluetooth) . I can...