board selector

  1. Bladimir Carrillo

    Bug? [Board selector] error

    I have the following error when select Tools / Board selector option ... Not valid result, verify InnerException exception ... Any idea ? Thank you in advance.
  2. Chris160179

    Wish ESP-07 Board in Board Selector

    Hello Erel, could you import the ESP8266 ESP-07 Board to the "Board Selector"? At this time there are ESP-12 an ESP-13 Boards an many other but no ESP-07. ESP8266 ESP-07: I have problems by setting up the "Generic ESP8266 Board" to use this with my ESP-07 board. THX
  3. Chris160179

    Wish Board Selector (auto select Board when hardcoded)

    Hello Erel, is it possible to save the selected board like ESP8266 in the project? So that the "Board Selector" is set automaticly? When i work with an ESP8266 board an load a new project with an ESP32, the "Board Selector" stays on the last selection and didn´t change with the loaded project...