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  1. A

    Android Question Block buttons on the bottom toolbar

    Hi all. Is it possible to disable circle and square buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (see the screenshot)? I need to block them while the app is in sync mode with the server and unblock them right after it. Thanks.
  2. Biswajit

    B4A Library [B4X][XUI] WobbleMenu - a cross platform animated bottom navigation

    Hi everyone, This is a B4X compatible bottom navigation. It has 4 types of tab changing animation and 3 types of icon revealing animation. WobbleMenu Author: @Biswajit Version: 1.5 Dependency: JavaObject, BitmapCreator, XUI WobbleMenu Functions: GetCurrentTab As Int Get the current tab id...
  3. aeric

    Android Code Snippet [B4A] [XUI] Bottom Toolbar

    I am planning to create a B4A and a B4i app with identical UI. I try to look in this forum if anyone has created a bottom toolbar (iOS-styled) for B4A but I just found this thread with no reply. So I created a quick one in B4A. #Region Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel: B4A Bottom...