1. Lucas Siqueira

    B4A Library [B4X] BR_B4XFloatTextField

    Hello everyone! With the example of Erel library and with the help of Biswajit, we made some modifications to the original B4XFloatTextField library, recreating it with some modifications in the visual transforming into BR_B4XFloatTextField. See how the example looked: Note: I have no iphone to...
  2. OliverA

    B4J Question [Solved][BANano] Odd <br> handling

    I'm having no luck with Append and RenderAppend and the handling of <br> tags BANano.GetElement("Body").Append("Break") BANano.GetElement("Body").Append("<br>") BANano.GetElement("Body").Append("On its own") BANano.GetElement("Body").Append("<br>Text after")...