bridge error

  1. kozbot

    iOS Question Multiple errors while trying to compile bridge app

    I'm trying to create a bridge app so I can edit an old app of mine and reupload it to the store. I'm using the hosted builder, which I purchased yesterday. I've updated to java jdk 19.0.1 but I'm using a slightly older version of b4i. I just keep getting an error saying this on my laptop: B4i...
  2. A

    iOS Question Bridge needs to be updated message after upgrade to iOs 15.1

    I just updated my iPhone to iOs 15.1 and now Bridge stoped working - when I click on the icon it says that Bridge needs to be updated to work with this version of iOs. EDI gives me an error "Wrong version of debug app started" It looks that we're about to live in interesting time. I upgraded...
  3. D

    iOS Question B4i Bridge - not available

    Hi , Guys Just found a problem with the B4i Bridge (it was ok a few days ago). 1. When I run it on a Phone running 14.6 - It shows the message box "B4i Bridge no Longer available" (or something like that). 2. When I run it on a phone running 12.5.4 - it simply attempts to start then immediately...
  4. Y

    iOS Question Installing B4i Bridge frustration

    Dear All, Just sharing my experience resolving problem with B4i Bridge. What happens: Follow instruction on this page: B4i bridge installed successfully Testing Hello World, success. Continue coding...