1. J

    Android Question B4A and Amazon Fire TV

    Hello, I am a long time user of B4A (but haven't had an opportunity to use it in several years). I want to write an app that implements a browser app on an Amazon Fire TV. It seems that this must have already been done but I can't find any example code. Any help (source code, pointers to pages...
  2. A

    Android Question What is the best SQLite data browser to use?

    Hello! Can you please tell me which SQLite data browser is preferable to use today? My database consists of several tables with a fairly complex structure with not very many records. I see a lot of bad reviews for the classic ""DB Browser for SQLite"", but maybe users didn't explore it well...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANAno] How can I set & fix the browser window to 80% Zoom?

    Hi there Is it possible to set and fix the browser window when my BANano app starts so that the browser is at 80% Zoom? If possible, please help out with a code snippet please? Thanks
  4. I

    Android Question Adroid screen streaming to Web

    Hi Can someone guide me about streaming android mobile screen to network and can be view from any PC browser.