1. sfsameer

    Share My Creation ERP, Create your app , Amazing CRM ,POS , Portable warehouse , XJobFinder .... For sale

    We have come a long way with B4A What an amazing month for us, Erel has really helped us with finding the best development platform. If i thank @Erel 1000 times a day it won't be enough. We are more than happy to announce the new crazy bundle :) 5 B4J Web Applications Source codes in one...
  2. D

    Android Question Using Multiple Bundles in List

    With reference to this post: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/persist-webview-through-orientation-change.104143/#post-652932 I need to know how to use a list of bundles. So my current approach is: Sub Process_Globals Private Bundle0 As JavaObject Private Bundle1 As JavaObject...