1. MARCO C.

    Italian [B4J] Lettura sequenziale file binario

    Ciao a tutti, avrei la necessita di leggere un file e step di x byte ( es. 10 byte ) ... ma mi sto perdendo con del codice di esempio che ho trovato nel forum.. tra ReadBytes .. InputStream etc. etc . Il file in questione è abbastanza piccolo e dovrei leggere il suo contenuto e volta x volta...
  2. M

    iOS Question iMQTT - Error decompressing data

    Hi everyone i'm trying to use MQTT for the first time. I follwed this example. It connects succesfully but unfortuntely when I receive a message this error shows up Error occurred on line: 96 (B4XPage_Details) Error decompressing data Stack Trace: ( CoreFoundation...
  3. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Image to/from CVS File

    Hello, I have 3 table columns named "ColA", ColB" and "ColC" where ColC is type BLOB and I like to store and read images in/from it. For a solution I like to export these table columns to a CVS File or import the CVS file values to the table columns. I know how to convert the image to a byte...
  4. B

    Android Question Difficulty converting bytes to images

    Hi Erel had previously installed a CCTV source: I edited these sources for further practice so that images from one client are sent in bytes to the server and from the server are sent to another client, and in another...
  5. Hadi57

    Android Question Different run result after stop in breakpoint

    Does anybody know why i get different result when i put a breakpoint before "IF" and step into next line? Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim i As Int = 123 Dim b As Byte = 2 F1(Array As Object(i, b)) End Sub Private Sub F1(arg() As Object) If arg(1) = 2 Then...