1. M

    iOS Question Convert String representing bytes in actual bytes

    Hi everyone... i've this string 0x33303a43363a46373a30303a39353a3641 that represents some bytes.. how can i transform it in actual bytes? i tried with for loops, byteconverter, arrays etc... nothing works like I need...
  2. M

    Android Question Very strange SLOWNESS in BLE writeData

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to send a 900KB file to an ESP32 via BLE. Assume that the code on the ESP32 is working because i tested it using a React WebApp running in the PC browser, that connects to it over BLE and send the files. Everything works fine. However... i managed to port the same...
  3. M

    Android Question Equivalent of arraybuffer.slice(start, end) in B4X

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to porting some javascript (react) code into B4A, but the data.slice(from, to) function is used to create blocks of 512bytes from a larger file. What is the equivalent in B4X? Thanks in advance
  4. jahswant

    Android Question Cannot serialize Object.

    I’m getting this error with b4xSerializator for a particular object i wrapped from java. Don’t know why ! Cannot serialize objet :
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Bug? cursor1.GetBlob("pic").length is missing

    Hello, for example: log(cursor1.GetBlob("pic").length) the ".length" is not displayed in the preview and if I want to print this through the log, then this error comes: Error occurred on line: 2344 (Main2) java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean...