1. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight CustomListView

    Hello, i'm trying to calculate the keyboard with customlistview, i tryed this but without success. I did a code that works with panels and textfields or textviews inside a panel, when i tryed with...
  2. M

    iOS Question xCustomListView doesn't have the method "CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight"

    Why xCustomListView doesn't have the method "CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight"?
  3. Alexander Stolte

    iOS Question View over the keyboard

    Hello, i did a tutorial on how to place a view over the keyboard on android. But now i'm on IOS, i have search in the Forum here, but I did not find anything that helped me. I found this Function: "CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight". This do not work: pnl_ground.Top =...