1. avalle

    B4J Question How to call CallSubDelayed from a different Class Module

    Hi all, I have a B4J Server application implementing a REST API service with multiple Handler Class Modules. In one of these class modules I need to use CallSubDelayed to raise a callback event which is used in a Wait For in a different class module. Is this possible? If so, how do I reference...
  2. L

    Android Question Third part library - JavaObject

    Hi All, I have to intercept, from an Android device, an event raised from a library of the device. I added the library with #AdditionalJar: companyregdevicelibrary In this library there is an "IButton" object that I initialize with JavaObject Dim CompDevice As JavaObject...
  3. D

    iOS Question Callbacks with IOS

    Hi, Guys How do you handle Callbacks in IOS - I am converting code from B4A to B4I The B4A code is ' Timeout trips - hide the progress dialog and raise a Timeout event. Sub tmrProgressTimeout_Tick() Log("Timeout tripped") Hide #if B4A If SubExists(mCallback, mEvent & "_Timeout")...
  4. Patent

    B4J Question equivalent to invokeLater(new Runnable ??

    hi guys. whats the equivalent in B4J to this java code?: x.y.addEventListener(new EventAdapter() { @Override public void error(someXYobject) { SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() {...
  5. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANAno] Is it possible to use a variable string to specify an event?

    Hi For .AddEventListener and .CallBack, is it possible to specify the event from a string? For example 'add an event Sub AddEvent(module As Object, eventType as string) 'define the method to be called Dim sEvent as string = $"game_${eventType}"$ Dim e as BANanoEvent 'define the callback Dim...
  6. L

    Android Question 3th part library. Callback problem with annotations

    Hi, I've to integrate my app with a library that manage the communication of a device with a POS. I initialize my class object with javaObject and run methods without problems. But the lib needs a method "Register(callbacksClass)" where I pass my activity istance to manage the callbacks methods...