1. Rasoull

    Android Question camera for all devices

    Hello Which camera library do you recommend for using the following options? FlashMode-Torch-On-Off grid-Add GridLines Focus mode Image size
  2. gezueb

    Android Question Camera picture size

    The code below takes a picture, saves and loads it back. However, the image after the code execution is not scaled as in the preview, it looks as if cropped and then resized to the view. Sub TakePicture Wait For(cam.FocusAndTakePicture(MyTaskIndex)) Complete (Data() As Byte)...
  3. N

    Android Question CameraEx doesn't work.

    I want to take a picture when the PanelCamera is visible. But I can not initialize the camera. When I pressed on the BtnCamera, it just showed a black screen and return start camera false. But when I tried on a new project, it's work. I don't why, please help.. :(
  4. walterf25

    Android Question JavaObject or Reflection Code

    Hi all, does anyone know how to write this code using either JavaObject or Reflection libraries, maybe both are needed? I'm not so good and don't really understand much how to use those two libraries, i've tried several things but none of them work try {...
  5. walterf25

    Android Question Camera2 Library

    Hi all, i'm working on an app at work to test the cameras on a product we are developing, i was using the CameraEx class, but read somewhere that it was recommended to use the Camera2 library, i am able to deploy the apk just fine and am also able to see the camera preview, the issue i just...