1. amidgeha

    Share My Creation OBD2 Fault Codes Explanation

    When you put a scanner on your car, see for yourself what the error code is and this app will explain it all for you such as cause, symptoms and much more. Don't let them fool you. Download Link
  2. amidgeha

    Share My Creation Throttle Reset OBD2

    Simply reset your throttle body in order to fix throttle problems . (This function works on most cars like Hyundai, Mercedes Benz , BMW etc... Note: Throttle Reset works with an ELM327 based car scanner that plugs into the diagnostics socket in the car and pairs with this app over Bluetooth...
  3. Star-Dust

    B4i Library SD: RPMView

    iSD_RPMView Author: Star-Dust Version: 0.01 Speedometer Fields: Color As Int MaxValue As Double MinValue As Double RedLineTo As Double Functions: Class_Globals As NSString* DesignerCreateView (Base As NSObject*, Lbl As B4ILabelWrapper*, Props As B4IMap*) As NSString* Base type must be...