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  1. Scotter

    Share My Creation Game: "Play To Evolve" - Increase your EQ by playing a card game based on NVC

    This is a fully functional, bug-free, zero needed permissions card game I put on the market for $0.99 but you it's yours to keep and I think if you find it on the Google Play Store, you will then get it for free because you have the APK already. My knowledge of how the Google Play Store works is...
  2. Scotter

    Android Question Google dinged my app for accessibility

    Hi - I've published my first app on the Google Play Store; Play to Evolve (a card game). Well... it seems to be semi-published. Like I can't find it searching the store but I do have a link given to me by Google in the Developer Panel. One issue is that they haven't approved my "identity" and...
  3. Scotter

    Android Question Wanting advice: Making multiplayer card game

    I'm wanting to make a multiplayer card game and looking for advice or ideas before I spend eons making the same mistakes other people already made :) I've already prototyped a database in MS Access. I will export to something like mySQL or SQL Server, depending on various factors. I have a...