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    Android Question [Solved] [B4XTable] Restore a cell's background color after SingleClick event

    In a B4A application, in a B4XTable, I need to have a cell background color changed to Red color (for example). This cell is supposed to maintain its background color till a decision to change it. The issue I need to address is that : - after the respective cell's background was changed to a...
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    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] B4XTable - ¿Padding en Celdas?

    Muy buenas, este es mi primer POST, Creo que se entiende, Cuando alineo los Datos a la Izquierda (LEFT): Dim column0 As B4XTableColumn = tableName.GetColumn("NOMBRE") Dim pn0 As B4XView = column0.CellsLayouts.Get(0) pn0.GetView(0).SetTextAlignment("CENTER", "LEFT".ToUpperCase) Este caso el...
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    B4J Question jpoi : Using different cellstyle

    Hello, I recently discovered the jpoi library, and that seems wonderfull. I am facing a problem I really don't understand. I need to create cells using different style Sub Process_Globals Dim wb As PoiWorkbook Dim sheet1 As PoiSheet Dim Ter_number As String Dim Ter_Name As...