1. XorAndOr

    Italian B4A: Come centrare ImgView dentro panel?

    Ciao Nel designer ho cercato in tutte le combinazioni possibili con anchor ma niente le ImageView sono sempre spostate o a destra o a sinistra rispetto al panel o alla schermata telefono. Quando si tratta di label o button che hanno al massimo 2 view, non ho problemi ma in questo caso le...
  2. M

    iOS Question iOS Switch Centering

    hi everyone, i'm trying to center properly a native ios switch in a panel, but i don't get it done in a reliable way. in the designer How can i manage to get it done properly? :( Thanks in advance
  3. M

    iOS Question ScaleCenter Animation

    hi, i was looking for the ScaleCenter Animation (that on B4A is included in the Animation Library). There is something to achieve the same result on ios? Thanks
  4. M

    iOS Code Snippet Horizontal Panel Scroller (like TabView in B4A) with PageIndicator

    Hi everyone, i want to share with you this example project, that is a slightly modified version of this one. Maybe can be useful to someone else. It's adapted to be an horizontal panel scroller, that correctly center the loaded layout in the panels.
  5. Jeffrey Cameron

    Android Code Snippet Draw Bitmap Rotated From Upper-left Corner

    I needed to draw a bitmap rotated from the upper-left corner, not the center of the image as the canvas DrawBitmapRotated function does. After looking up the math and coding this again for the I-don't-know-how-many time, I decided to post it here so I could find it quickly in the future, or...
  6. Scotter

    Android Question Centering text in label programmatically

    Hi - In the designer I've set the padding, horiz align to "center_horizontal", and vert align to "center_vertical". And in my activity_create: '......................padding: left, top, right, bottom lblCard1.Padding = Array As Int(10dip,10dip,10dip,10dip)...
  7. M

    Android Question Newby question about center on different screens

    Hello, please apologize my english, i dont have too much experience in B4A, my question is: I have an Activity, with a Layout, the Layout has an image (for a logo) some labels and edittexts to enter information, and a button at bottom. Wich is the EASY way to center the labels on screen to see...