1. epiCode

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] Calculate width of Charsequence Text

    Calculate width of Charsequence Text Uses Java Function measureText(charSequence , int Start, int End) ' textSize is default textsize of label where charsequence is displayed Sub getWidthofCS(cx As Object,textSize As Float) As Float Dim jo As JavaObject = Me Return...
  2. Dave O

    Android Question CharSequence vs. CSBuilder in parameters?

    If we want to include support for CharSequence in our classes and libraries, should we be changing external-facing String parameters (and any related internal ones) to CSBuilder? (If I understand correctly, we can't reference CharSequence directly.)

    Android Question Doubt on CharSequence / CSBuilder usage

    Hello guys, I read this topic and was trying to implement some text enhancements to my app. It happens that the CS elements seems to work directly on the view and, in my case, I work literals and fields in string literals and, at the end, combine these string literals on the final label.text...