1. red30

    B4J Question ComboBox and ChoiceBox font size

    How do I resize the text in a ComboBox and ChoiceBox? For all elements, I will change the font size in the designer: If ActivitySize>20 Then btn.TextSize=16 lbl.TextSize=16 Else btn.TextSize=12 lbl.TextSize=12 EndIf But for the ComboBox, I cannot change the font. I've tried...
  2. T

    B4J Question ComboBox/ChoiceBox does not showing items added

    Hi all, I added from the designer in a form a comboBox and type the following: Under Process Globals: Public combo2 As ComboBox Under Appstart: combo2.Initialize("") combo2.Items.Add("AAAA") combo2.Items.Add("BBBB") When i run the app, i click on comboBox and do nothing. Does...