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  1. behnam_tr

    B4J Question How ? Events On classes

    hi i have a class module named > class1 then i creat 10 instance from class1 ( c1 as class1,c2 as class1 ,.......) Now I want call a sub in class1 and update data for all instance What can be the fastest and most optimal solution? The solution I am currently using is that I keep the list of...
  2. D

    Android Question call Sub From in Line java to B4a Class Module

    Hi everyone in activity, it's easy to call sub from in Line java to b4a, for example Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Private jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext jo.RunMethod("startPreview1",Null) End Sub Private Sub send_qv(s As String) Log(s) End Sub...
  3. S

    Android Question In class module, activity names are added automatically

    In Debug mode, class module contains additional members (for ex. Activity name, Starter) with null value. See the attached screen shot (Image 1 & 2). I cannot store the class object using KeyValueStore and it is throwing null value exception. Image 1 (person class example) Image 2...
  4. knutf

    Share My Creation PDFBoxWrapper Class Module - show PDF-document in B4J

    PDFBoxWrapper is a Class Module that use PDFBox to view PDF-documents. The PDFBoxWrapper Class module need a Pane and a layout to show the PDF-document in the Pane. The Pane and the name of the layout must be specified as parameters to the initialize routine of the class. The layout must...