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    Android Question How Change Color and Style for Clickable Text in CSBuilder

    Hi, everybody! In Tutorials dedicated to CSBuilder was example: Dim cs As CSBuilder TextView1.Editable = False cs.Initialize.Font(Font.CreateNew(25)).Append("Some ").Link("somevalue").Append("words").Pop cs.Append(" are ").Link("anothervalue").Append("clickable").PopAll TextView1.AttributedText...
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    Android Question How stop keyboard showing when clicking clickable csbuilder text?

    Have a EditText called edtSQL with clickable csbuilder text with the eventname "Table": cs.Underline.Bold.Color(SQLColours(10)).Clickable("Table", _ arrSQLWords(i).strWord).Append(arrSQLWords(i).strWord).Pop.Pop.Pop.Pop Sub Table_Click(Tag As Object) Dim strTable As String HideKeyboard...