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    B4J Question CMD.Exe

    i use jShell library and i want run Hep on cmd.exe Dim shl As Shell shl.Initialize("shl", "cmd.exe", Array As String("Help")) shl.WorkingDirectory = "C:\Windows\System32\" -------------- output is : Success Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.112] (c) 2018 Microsoft Corporation...
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    B4J Question Help with SHELL

    Hi all, First post :) I am trying to execute the following code (which works with other programming languages PHP, C etc), but i cannot get a return in B4J, help is appreciated! Dim s_input As String ="2008-03-10;2008-03-10T15:58:00;FT 1/1;28.07;" 'Dim s_query As String = "/c...